Fix Your Computer Within 2 Days
Without Paying A Fortune

Slow performance or freezing
Videos and other applications not playing properly
Windows OS or system crashes
Downloads that take forever
Pop-up ads appearing suddenly on your desktop
Wi-Fi that keeps disconnecting

Keep Reading To Discover How To Solve These Annoying Issues and Get Your Computer Running as Fast and Trouble-Free as the Day You First Brought it Home!

Dear frustrated friend,

Not again.

It happens so often you really shouldn’t bother to keep getting angry … but, even still, you can feel the warm flush of blood rising to your face. Your teeth clenching. A parade of vulgarity queuing up to come pouring from your lips at any moment.

It’s your computer acting up.


And the Bad News?
The Problem is Bigger than You Probably Realize.
The problem isn’t just that your computer is crawling along slower than a geriatric snail. The problem isn’t simply that your computer is infested with more bugs and worms than a junkyard dog.

Oh, sure.

That’s inconvenient. But inconvenience is only the beginning of your problems.

Because a computer that isn’t running at optimal levels costs you more than mere inconvenience.

It costs you…

Valuable time as your computer chugs through basic functions like opening documents and loading web pages.
Frustration because you need to rely on your computer for daily responsibilities like sending email and paying bills
Money because you didn’t just purchase a computer, you made an investment – you deserve to have that investment last
Fear and worry that a virus could put your computer (and more) in serious jeopardy.
Is Your Computer a Ticking Time Bomb?

Tick, tick, tick, tick.

If your computer is infected with a malicious virus it becomes a ticking time bomb. And it’s not a matter of IF it’s going to go off, but rather when.

That’s because when your computer is infected with a virus …

  • Your data could be infected or destroyed
  • Your computer could be used to spread the virus to other computers – including all of your friends you e-mail
  • Your personal details such as passwords, bank information, and even your personal identity could be up for grabs

Can You Answer “Yes” to Any of These 3 Questions?

Does your computer run very slowly?

If your computer pokes along like cold molasses has been poured all over its motherboard the problem may be a virus. Slow computer performance is a telltale sign of infection, but it could also be due to the existence of spyware or adware, the need to defragment the hard disk, or insufficient memory (RAM).

Does your computer often act like it has a mind of its own?

Because viruses can cause undetected problems to some of your programs (sneaky bastards) messages popping up unexpectedly, programs starting and stopping on their own, and Windows crashing frequently could all point towards infection.

Does your hard disk or modem seem to be working nonstop?

Lean in close to your computer. Can you hear the whir of your computer’s hard disk continually working? Or, is the activity light on your broadband or external modem always lit? Because an email virus work by sending many copies of itself through email, they put an enormous strain on your computer. Although a busy hard drive or modem doesn’t guarantee a virus infection, it’s a good indicator that your computer is infected with a virus – especially when combined with the other symptoms on this list.

Although they’re good indicators that your computer is infected with a virus, we’d need to conduct a full diagnostic test on your computer to know for certain.

But does it really matter?

If you’ve read this far it’s because your computer is currently plagued by poor performance.

What matters to you isn’t the problem. What matters to you is the solution.

Introducing: DNS Care Flat Rate

If you’re SICK and TIRED of putting up with poor computer performance day after day,
then you’re going to love DNS Care Flat Rate.

Imagine your computer humming along as quick and stable as it did when you first bought it. Now you can!
All you need to do is bring it to us!

And the best part?

Not only will DNS Care Flat Rate make annoying, time-consuming computer problems a thing of your distant past,
you won’t be in for any “nasty surprises” when it comes time to settle up the bill.
Allow me to explain …

One Flat Rate.
No Surprises.



Surprises can be wonderful.

Finding a twenty dollar bill tucked into the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn since last winter.
When the barista makes your latte a double at no extra charge.
Nice surprises.

A not-so-nice surprise?

When you get sucker punched at the cash register.

You call up a computer repair technician about an issue you’re having with your computer.
He quotes you a ballpark estimate. Tells you to come on in and he’ll get you all set up.

When you arrive with your computer he pokes around at it for a few minutes. Uh oh.
Turns out on top of his initial diagnosis you’re also going to need this doohickey fixed.
That will be an extra $75.

Suddenly your bill is ballooning faster than a Kardashian’s MasterCard account.

It’s a surprise you’ll never have to worry about when you trust Dynamic Network Solutions to service your computer.

Here’s why:

You see, we think you’ve got enough on your plate as it is. The last thing you want to deal with are a bunch of hidden fees popping up on your home computer repair bill.

That’s why we offer ALL of our computer repair services for a guaranteed flat rate of just $99

Cleaning worms and viruses? $99

Wiping and restoring your computer? $99

Doing whatever it takes to get your computer zipping along again like the day you bought it? $99

One flat rate. No nasty surprises.

Computer repair simplified.

I was so relieved when DNS brought my computer back from the dead. It was faster than ever too!

Ronald B

I got my daughters computer back within a day and they added parental controls to limit the possibility of issues happening again.

James C

I tried fixing the computer myself but made it even worse. It’s been 3 months now and my computer has not slowed down one bit.

Chris N

Your Repair is Backed By Our …

100% Guarantee on Work

For 30 Days!

One of our highly-skilled computer technicians will have your computer working the way it’s supposed to work
often in as little as 48 hours.

If at any time during the 30 days after your repair – right down to the last day – you experience any computer trouble all you need to do is give us a call.

We’ll get your computer back up and running at absolutely no additional cost to you. Simple as that.

Quick, Convenient, No-Hassle Computer Repair
Is Just a Phone Call Away!