Reduce Your IT Headaches
Without a Large Investment.

All inclusive, flat monthly agreements for your business’ IT needs. No hourly rates, no surprises.


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Managed IT For Business

  • Instant Local IT Support For Your Company
  • No hourly rate, No surprises.
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Computer Repair

  • Reliable Personal Computer Repair
  • No hourly rate, No surprises.

Looking For I.T. Support You Can Trust?

Keep your business online and productive without worrying about I.T. support. We bridge the gap for companies beyond “startup mode” but haven’t quite made it to the point of requiring an internal I.T. department.

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Need Instant End User Support?

We Have Your Back Covered!

Imagine your employees being able to call to a support department instead of tackling IT issues themselves which costs you time. We are helping your employees regarding any problems that arise with your software or hardware. Instant local (CT Based) support from certified network engineers. Many issues can be fixed instantly and there’s never a charge for an emergency onsite service.

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Why ID Theft is a Serious Matter

With the way people are willingly publicizing their personal information on social media these days, it is obvious that a lot of people are not worried about identity theft. In fact, many of them cons

The 21st Century Virus

The deadly computer virus. By now, we've all heard of the computer virus. We hear about it when viruses

  • Jose - Alta Sci

    "We were blown away by DNS' ability to tailor a custom solution to our specific needs."

  • Alexis - Hartford Square Associates

    "I love having instant local help whenever I need it. I'm always relieved after our call."

  • Dr. Reynolds - The Reynolds Clinic

    I rest assured knowing my employees won't miss patients due to computer problems.

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