What is Managed WiFi Services?

Managed WiFi: a new way to view your internet equipment ecosystem.

WiFi administration with multiple users can be a challenge to manage. Cyber security monitoring can be a daily migraine. How do you remedy this daily malaise; this…digitized anxiety disorder?

You simply combine them. Your internet projection and protection should form an intersection. You can combine speed with delivery and reliability, and you can feel safe doing it. 

It starts with a USG piece of hardware; USG is offered by Ubiquiti, they charge for web security firewalls but do not charge for the software. You buy it once, you never have to worry about paying support on a license. Combine this with Reliable WiFi Administration.  Whether you have 10 users or 10,000, those connections need to be fast and safe. Fast & Safe wins the race, right?

That’s where DNS comes in.

Since 2007, DNS is New England’s leader in Managed WiFi as a Service, the special sauce that makes our offerings delectable. We combine cost-efficiency in hardware with meticulous digital cyber monitoring to give you speed, safety and reliability.

To discuss consolidating your IT deployment into a single pane of glass, call 1-800-210-9613.

If you’d like us to call you, simply visit here to get started. 

But please, do look around on the website for a few and get acquainted. 

We’d love to have you.

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