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Wired and wireless security camera systems for business facilities provide safety 24/7. Security camera installation doesn’t have to be a daunting process, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Security camera systems are great security tools because they essentially give your business an added layer of security around the clock at a low cost. The average annual cost of hiring an unarmed security guard is $35,000 and $52,000 for an armed security guard. By contrast, at $1,800 a year, a Closed-circuit TV or (CCTV) system costs 94-97% less than hiring a security guard and provides 24/7 surveillance. In addition to cost, the CCTV system is more efficient because it is capable of monitoring various locations/angles simultaneously. Whereas the human security guard physically has his vision limited to one location/angle at a time, and when he moves on to the next site, the current site is then essentially unsupervised in real-time.

Closed-circuit TV or CCTV are complex systems more commonly referred to as video surveillance systems. CCTV systems transmit secure signals to a specific monitor or storage apparatus. There are numerous components that make up a CCTV system such as storage hard drives, network video recorder, cable components, wiring components, and most importantly the security camera itself. When determining which camera to use there are numerous variables you should consider, such as: resolution, lighting visibility, placement (for field of view). For this reason, when installing it is important to know the distance of the camera from its subject, make sure subject areas are clearly visible and in focus, and avoid any obscuration or glare. 

When investing in video surveillance it is important to consider the three key core components that comprise a complete surveillance solution, Cameras, Recorders & Connectivity.



Here’s What You Get When You Hire Dynamic Network Solutions as your Security Camera System Integrator.

When it comes to surviellance every detail counts so its generally critical your technology is able to capture it. DNS offers cameras that record in resolutions that meet or even exceed ultra HD 4K resolution.

DNS experts will leverage years of industry experience to indentify the best possible camera placement, angles, & technology to address your particular surveillance needs.

Through our modular network based systems we are able to scale our installations to accomidate acomidate any size enviroment without limitation.
Our network background enables us to Connect cameras in ways that may prove difficult if not impossible for other integrators to accomplish. If you can see the location you would like to monitor with a telescope we can get cameras to it.
We inventory what we integrate so should a failure occur over the course of our three year equiment waranty we can replace your critical infrastructure often within the same day.

DNS also offers fully managed service plans for active monitoring of your equipment and servicing of the infrastructure as needed.

Our systems are able to be viewed on any device anywhere you have an internet connection through dedicated desktop, mobile, and web aplications.

What our customers are saying.

DNS covered our 560K Sq. Foot building with close to 100 cameras, Wireless AP’s from one end to the other connected over 10Gigibit fiber optic backbone, and centralized the control and management of the HVAC systems into an online web controllable system. They have also have handled our back office IT and MSP needs. We have been working DNS for 10+ years now and look forward to many more.
Peter Niro | Owner
Hartford Square Associates -

"DNS understands all the state-of-the-art equipment and software out there. So, they’re always in a position to make the right recommendation. They always steer us straight.”
Ben Camerota | Owner
MVP Visuals -