Seamless WiFi, Bear’s wireless success story.

Wireless Wonders

Wireless connectivity is one of the great conveniences of today. Advancements in wireless connectivity have enabled us to completely unplug, accessing all of our files, emails, videos, and more in ways once unimaginable. Life without WiFi for many is not a very pleasant picture.

For Bear’s BBQ restaurant, that picture was all too real. What should have been a wonderful convenience was an unwelcome headache.

When Dynamic Network Solutions first worked with Bear’s their existing wireless mesh system was mounted high in the steel trusses of their Front St. Hartford location. The metal in the ceiling coupled with legacy technology in the wireless access points resulted in a WiFi signal that at best was intermittent in the far corners of the restaurant. Bear’s other locations also had opportunities to enhance the network experience for guests and staff.

DNS replaced or augmented the wired and wireless network components at Bear’s multiple locations, integrating wired and wireless network hardware into a unified backend management system that helps ensure that the network performance can be assessed and optimized in real-time. WiFi signals now exceed the coverage requirements of their facilities. In the case of Bear’s Front St. Hartford location, the improvements in WiFi performance meant going from a wireless connection that had difficulty reaching the corners of the restaurant to a signal that only begins to dissipate as wireless devices enter the concrete parking garage around the corner.

With Dynamic Network Solutions and network technologies afforded by great vendors like Ubiquiti, no network challenge is too great. The untethered world of WiFi can be the wonderfully pleasant picture of convenience it was meant to be.

To learn more about how DNS can help you manage a better network experience see our network support services page.


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