Ransomware Up 10X in 2021

But there is a cheap way to guard against it.

A year ago, attackers targeted home networks and consumer-grade products, rather than enterprise infrastructure devices.

This year they’re targeting both.

Top IPS detections show that criminals have returned to targeting corporate networks, content management systems (CMS) and application development platforms.

Botnet Activity Spiked in the First Half of 2021

The percentage of organizations detecting botnet activity jumped from 35% to 51% by mid 2021, led by a surge in the use of TrickBot, designed initially as a banking trojan horse.

TrickBot has since evolved into a sophisticated, modular, multi-stage toolkit supporting a range of illicit activities deemed Ransomware as a Service (RaaS).

You read that right. Ransomware is now a financial service. Some operators have begun selling access to compromised corporate networks, making it that much easier for less technical criminals to get involved.

The telecom sector was most heavily targeted during H12021. In a close second were government agencies. Managed security service providers, automotive, and manufacturing sectors round out the Top 5 Targets.

The Colonial Pipeline attack that disrupted oil and gasoline distribution across the East Coast of the US, the JBS Foods attack that led to concerns about a global meat shortage, and the supply chain attack against Kaseya VSA are a few high-profile attacks you may have read about.

It is literally possible to spend infinitely on cyber security; because, how can you put a price on the safety of your sensitive data? It is also possible to administer cyber security cheaply.

That is where USG comes into play. With a one-time cost for the hardware up front, there is no subscription payment every month. Your cost of ownership technically ends at $344 for a Ubiquiti Security Gateway if you get the base model.

It is up to you to install and monitor the system yourself.

The economics of DIY installation + administrative support end up costing less than a subscription model from a Lifetime Value (LTV) standpoint. If you’d like to discuss this type of install, simply give us a call.

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