plans & pricing

Plans & Pricing

Every business has unique requirements and a fixed budget. We can accommodate the needs of any business with either our Silver, Gold or Platinum plans. See below for more specifics:

Workstation Support Packages* Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package

Managed Support Plans for Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX workstations*


Scheduled On-Site Support: When on-site setup or service is needed, and scheduled 48 hours in advance, services will be billed at:


Emergency On-Site Support: When on-site setup or service are urgently needed services will be billed at:


Phone Support: IT questions or concerns answered as they arise day or night

Remote Support: Pre-loaded remote support software and service portal access to help you with any questions or issues that may arise.

Technology Purchase Consulting: Leverage our knowledge & experience to match your business goals with best of breed tech solutions from the industries top vendors

Software Updates: Keep your systems secure with regular updates to your application and security software.

Antivirus Software: Managed enterprise antivirus software to protect your systems against new or emerging security threats and vulnerabilities.

Hardware Monitoring: Workstation monitoring to catch and fix sustained issues before they disrupt your operations.

Google Workspace or Microsoft 365: Managed eMail, calendar,
contacts, file sharing, file backup, video conferencing & much more

*Pricing based on a per workstation per month basis

Network Device Support Package Gold Platinum

Routers, Firewalls, Fiber Optic Aggregators, Switches, Access Points,
Ethernet or Fiber Wireless Bridges, VOIP Handsets, NVR’s, DVR’s & Cameras


Live Help Desk: Call or eMail DNS and someone familiar with your
network layout can quickly address any issues or change requests for network
appliances covered under your companies support plan

Uptime Monitoring: DNS will immediately alert you or a designated contact
if a managed device loses connectivity and work to address it remotely
or if needed schedule a time to be on-site & restore services as quickly as possible

Firmware Updates: Updates will be made to managed devices outside operating
hours or at a pre determined time to minimize potential impact to
business operations

Advanced Device Replacement: backups for devices under management are maintained at our warehouse so in the event of a hardware failure we will quickly
replace it warrantying the part if possible**

Rapid Swap: Connecticut locations under management will receive on-site service within a window of 48 hours should remote repair not be possible.
Out of state locations will be overnighted a pre-configured replacement

*Pricing based on a per device per month basis
**Customer will be responsible for replacement costs on swapped devices outside of warranty

Hosted VOIP Solutions Gold Platinum

Hosted IVR/PBX Voice over IP for analog & network based phones


High DefinitionCall Quality | Office Intercom/Paging | Call Transferring
Full PBX/IVR (Interactive Voice Response) | Music or Commercials on Hold

Conference Calling/Three-Way Calling | Caller ID
Web Portal Access & Mobile App* | Visual Voice-mail
Call Recording | Anti Scam/Spam Call Protection
99.999% Uptime (Redundant Phoenix & Philadelphia Data Centers)

Voice-mail Transcription to eMail or SMS
Unlimited Calling throughout the US & Canada

*Check your Voice-mails, Make & Receive Calls, all through your web browser or smart-phone