Network Support Services

One of the benefits of having Dynamic Network Solutions as your IT managed service provider is improvements we can make in your current infrastructure with our network support services. Many networks are assembled “on the fly.” It begins with a few connected devices, then grows exponentially with little regard to the underlying infrastructure, application software is added as needed, antivirus programs are put into place as threats occur.

But, then, you wake up one day and what do you find?

A slow-running antiquated network with outdated programs and antivirus protection, spam overflowing into your email inboxes, hard drives about to burst, and a bunch of complaining employees.

When you bring on DNS you will never wake up to that nightmare again.

The first thing we do when you bring us on is to thoroughly analyze your infrastructure. We streamline it, examine your hardware and software and make cost-effective recommendations, implement effective spam filters, the latest anti-virus protection, and more.

We supply you with a hosted dashboard so you can see how well your underlying network infrastructure is running. Updates occur automatically and monitoring systems let us know immediately if there is something that should be addressed.

In short, we give your network a major facelift.

Here is how can we give your Network
Support Services a major facelift.

Network Support Services Design

We’ll Re-Design Your Network

Most networks just happen, they are rarely designed. We take a step back and look at everything from the ground up. When we’re through, your network will be more efficient and effective than it has ever been.

Network Support Services Security

We’ll Put in Protections

We’ll make sure that the proper firewall protection, antivirus software, automatic system updates, data backups, and anti-hacking protocols are in place.

We’ll Test and Optimize Your WiFi

WiFi can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s great at providing network access without having ethernet cable strung around your office. But sometimes its reception is spotty in certain parts of your facilities. We analyze and optimize your WiFi to assure that everyone that needs it gets a strong, continuous signal.

Network Support Services Backup

We’ll Back Up Your Back-Ups

In all of our plans, we provide local backup. In our Platinum plans, we’ll provide both local and cloud-based backups. So, you’ll be doubly protected.

IT Consulting Services & Network Support Services

Business Applications

We’ll Optimize Your Current Business Applications – whether you use Office 365 or Google Workspace, we’ll analyze your current setup, make recommendations to optimize those applications, and bring everything up to date.

Network Support Services Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

We’ll Set Up 24/7 Monitoring – one of the benefits of working with DNS is that we set up systems where we monitor your network 24/7. We can see everything that comes in and goes out of your network and we have systems in place to identify anything that may pose a threat. And, when things go wrong, most of the time we can fix them remotely, without ever having to visit your location.