Managed WiFi

Benefits of Managed WiFi & Wireless Mesh Solutions

Managed WiFi and wireless mesh solutions are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and organizations due to the numerous benefits they offer. In this overview, we will highlight some of the key benefits of these solutions.

Reliable and Fast Connectivity

Managed WiFi services provide reliable and fast connectivity that is essential for businesses to run smoothly. With professional installation and management, businesses can ensure that their wireless network is always up and running, and their employees can access high-speed internet from anywhere within the premises.

Customizable Solutions

Managed WiFi services offer customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of different businesses. From bandwidth allocation to security protocols, businesses can choose the features that suit their requirements, and the service provider can manage them accordingly.


Managed WiFi services are scalable, which means they can grow with the business. Whether a business expands to a larger premises or requires more bandwidth, a managed WiFi service provider can adjust their services to meet the new requirements.

Enhanced Security

Wireless mesh solutions offer enhanced security features that help protect businesses from cyber threats. The mesh network creates multiple paths for data to travel, making it difficult for hackers to intercept and compromise the network. Additionally, managed WiFi service providers can install firewalls, secure access points, and other security measures to ensure the network is safe from cyber-attacks.

Responsive Technical Support

Managed WiFi services offer responsive technical support to help businesses troubleshoot and resolve any issues quickly. With 24/7 technical support, businesses can rely on their service provider to keep their wireless network running efficiently.

How Managed WiFi Services can work for you.

For Building Owners

Managed WiFi services provide reliable and efficient internet access to building tenants, which has become a key factor in tenant satisfaction and retention. With managed WiFi services, building owners can offer fast and stable connectivity, customizable options, and responsive technical support, making their properties more attractive and competitive in the market.

For Developers

Managed WiFi services can help developers create a better building by providing high-quality and reliable internet access, which is essential to modern living. This not only attracts potential occupants but also improves their quality of life, making the building more attractive especially in competitive markets.

For Commercial Enterprise

Managed WiFi services can improve the workplace experience for commercial enterprises by providing reliable, high-speed internet access. This allows employees to work efficiently and effectively, while also enabling seamless communication and collaboration. Additionally, managed services can ensure network security, reduce downtime, and offer advanced analytics to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

What our customers are saying.

“Dan and his team performed flawlessly in wiring our RV Park with access points. The WiFi signal is ubiquitous and, just like DNS, it also performs flawlessly.”
Dennis Severino | Sys Admin
Lake Compounce Lp –
“Our facility is large and DNS provided clear access points throughout and a security camera system that keeps us completely covered.”
Micheal Cipriano | VP
Napoli Foods –