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Dynamic Network Solutions is here to assist you in realizing the solutions to your IT opportunities. We are familiar with a vast array of products and services to meet many of the challenges you and your business may be facing now or may one day face in the future.

Our IT Consulting Services include: 
We use our collective years of experience and leverage it to help you enact your goals and enhance your outcomes. We bring to the table best-of-breed systems for you and your network with technologies like fiber optics, point-to-point wireless, point to multipoint wireless, mesh networks to blanket your facility with reliable WiFi coverage, and world-class monitoring software to ensure bottlenecks are altogether avoided.

From the network we can help you to identify the best systems to use for individual workstations taking into consideration modern ergonomics ensuring you and your staff can work comfortably and unencumbered by the strain of prolonged computing sessions, we can set them up with or maintain the software systems of those workstations either on a scheduled basis or real-time with our highly available managed help desk services where we log in at a moments notice to assist with whatever troubles one might encounter in the course of the workday.

We can deploy network-managed VOIP products to help you and your staff communicate more effectively with each other and with the outside world. Help ensure your staff is protected through modern access control and CCTV systems to aid in the enhancement of productivity, limit any potential loss, and better manage potential liabilities.

Allow our years of industry background and experience to work for you

With our in-depth understanding of the available options comprising the various systems that we integrate we are able to match services, software, and systems with your business goals in ways others might miss, this multidisciplinary approach allows us to best integrate the various spokes of the wheel that is your IT environment in a more holistic manner than one might be able to realize working with consultants drawing from a more limited scope of available integrations.

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A simple quick conversation about your tech challenges will help us quickly determine whether or not we might be a good fit for each other and if there is a basis for a continuing relationship. It is not our goal to waste your time and we would prefer to use ours as efficiently as possible. Get in touch with us and potentially open the doorway to new plateaus for you and your organization through technology.

What our customers are saying.

DNS covered our 560K Sq. Foot building with close to 100 cameras, Wireless AP’s from one end to the other connected over 10Gigibit fiber optic backbone, and centralized the control and management of the HVAC systems into an online web controllable system. They have also have handled our back office IT and MSP needs. We have been working DNS for 10+ years now and look forward to many more.
Peter Niro | Owner
Hartford Square Associates -
"DNS understands all the state-of-the-art equipment and software out there. So, they’re always in a position to make the right recommendation. They always steer us straight.”
Ben Camerota | Owner
MVP Visuals -