How to Choose the Best Computer for SMB

Choosing the wrong computer for an SMB is more costly than you think, it may make have you look for a computer repair service before long.

Other than the inconvenience and getting a virus-prone computer, you also lose a lot of opportunities because of the intensely slow and snail-like movement of its CPU.

There’s also added frustration when your computer runs so slow. You might also feel helpless and stressed out when you’re dealing with a computer problem that your IT guy can’t fix. How can you send your emails, exchange deals online, and send clients your listings when you can’t access your computer quickly? That’s the frustration you get. Broken computers give you that horror.

Financial concerns are also another part of the problem. When you’re buying a computer, it’s an investment. You expect it to last almost forever. You don’t want money going down the drain. You deserve to keep your investments for as long as possible.

Another concern that you experience when you have a broken computer is the worry and unease that your employees will feel. What’s going to happen to all your company data? When will they be able to send all those important files to the client? All of these concerns will take a toll on the health of your employees. With all these worries, you won’t be able to get your employees to perform at their best.

This is the reason why it’s so important for SMBs to get their computers at their best performance. In fact, the ideal scenario is for these computers to be unbreakable, or at least don’t often break and won’t disturb the normal operations of your business. In this article, we will try to how to choose the best computer for SMB so that you don’t have to worry yourself about these issues. You can just continue with what you do best, which is to do more business.

What’s Better: A Desktop or A Mobile Computer (e.g., Tablet, Laptop)

The first step that you should consider before investing in a computer is to assess first what’s best works for you: a desktop computer or a mobile laptop? Sure, you want to carry around your files on a laptop, but a desktop is more robust, sturdy, and packed with more features. There are also fewer power outage issues with a desktop compared to a laptop.

Most of the companies that are still starting would opt for laptops compared to desktops. In fact, most businesses today prefer Windows over Mac OS. They want laptops mainly for mobility, as the ability to work from any place is such an attractive perk for any business. Laptops are also ideal if your business has still no permanent residence.

You may also want to choose a laptop over the alternative if you’re traveling often and using the mobile phone to do business with clients is out of the question. If you have budget concerns, then chances are you can save more when you opt for a mid-range laptop compared to a desktop that requires you to buy other desktop accessories.

That said, it’s actually mobility vs. stability that can determine whether you should buy a desktop or a laptop. Decide what kind of SMB your business is going to be and finally pick the right type.

Essential Parts

There are many accessories that you should buy before you can use your computer. Some of them are the following:


The CPU is one of the essential parts of a computer that you should maximize. It might even be the most important part of a computer that you should not shortchange. A CPU is what drives your entire computer, acts as its brain, executes the computer’s applications and programs, and does the entire brainwork needed to achieve your tasks. When picking the right processor, always go for what’s fastest. The faster the processor, the better you can finish your tasks.

Storage Device

Your data can be lost if you’re not buying the right storage device. Inferior storage devices could risk losing all your files and cause you unimaginable frustration. When picking the right storage, just make sure that you buy the one that can store the highest amount of storage in your budget. External hard drives can reach terabytes, which might be too much but could also be helpful if you need to store a lot of video files for your business. On the other hand, the higher the capacity of the drive the more it would cost to restore it if something bad happens.

There are also different types of hard drives that you can choose from: SSD, HDD, and PCIe SDD. SSD is the solid-state drive, which is the more expensive one but it’s the fastest among the different types. HDD is a hard disk drive, which is cheaper but could not be the fastest one in the selection. PCIe-based drives are ideal for servers because of their faster file transfers.

The other parts that you should buy for your computer include RAM, Graphics Card, and Operating System. The trick to making sure that you get the right parts for your SMB’s computer is to always get a referral from a person that you trust. Ask the person you trust where to find a trusted computer seller.

Summary and Conclusion

Getting the right computer for your SMB means a greater improvement to your business’ performance. It could also mean that your business will reach a wider reach with the help of a faster computer. With this article, you also learned the parts of a computer that you should buy in their most supreme quality. Inferior computer parts mean a slower computer.  It means that you will experience lags every time you do a business transaction online.

Also, the most important tip in buying the best computer for your SMB is to get a person you trust who previously bought a well-performing computer and ask them where they got it. Don’t forget to sign for a DNS Flat Rate Care for your new business computer to make sure it operates well and can be repaired fast in an emergency.

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