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Personalized Help Desk Services

Dynamic Network Solutions provides managed help desk services for you, your staff, and your computers. Established in 2007 and with a plethora of many satisfied clients, you can rest assured that when you have an issue, you can count on us. We are available at all hours of the day and will log in immediately and take care of any potential issues, concerns, training, or updates that may need to be attended to.

Technology Simplification – Technology does not need to be complicated to the point of obscurity. Through years of experience and unique positioning in the market, we are best suited to simplify technology in meaningful and impactful ways. Our work with the systems and technology that today’s companies are using to integrate with their missions, goals, and the world has exposed us to technology in a manner that has enabled us to spot opportunities to use these tools across a large spectrum of industry verticals in ways that might not be readily apparent to technologists operating inside a specific vertical.

On-Demand Support – We offer a full spectrum of support tools to meet your organization’s needs. Consulting services to help match you with the best available hardware and software solutions tailored to your organization’s specific requirements. Our industry knowledge and experience can take much of the guesswork out of technology and enable you to better focus on the core tenants of your business or organization. A good help desk allows for a greater degree of flexibility to complete tasks that otherwise might not be easily accomplished, and that is where we come in at Dynamic Network Solutions. We are there for you during the tough times, day or night, and provide onsite support through whatever critical situations might arise. It is important to be in control and to have a team to reliably and effectively manage the systems that allow for that control.

Is a Help Desk right for you? – Asking pertinent questions to come up with good solutions is a key foundation to any course, this is especially true when considering a managed help desk provider. Most help desks are not as responsive as the businesses and users they service would prefer, we are aware of this problem and eager to help elevate the expectations. This is why we focus on the business first, and we make sure we meet the needs of your particular business every day, twenty-four seven 365.

Why Dynamic Network Solutions? – Our pricing model is structured such that as you grow, we grow, and this incentivizes us to ensure you have the best technology available performing as well as it can perform in every instance. We solve in minutes what could take hours for in-house designated IT helpers, service desks, or onsite designated IT administrators. We are content to be there and get great joy through rendering this kind of assistance. We leverage the best-of-breed hardware & software to unite you and your team with the most scalable effective approaches towards technology for the betterment of you and your mission. With Dynamic Network Solutions on your team, you will be able to have technology work for you, rather than you working for it.

What our customers are saying.

Dynamic Network Solutions is first and foremost DYNAMIC, and by that I mean energetic and with a can- do attitude. I’m a doctor so IT is not my area of expertise. I have outsourced all my tech needs for years but never found anyone or any one company to do my work reliably and, most importantly, in a timely fashion, until, that is, I found DNS. Since then I rest easy knowing that the job will be done right, the first time and on or under budget. Their pricing structure is clear from the get go with no hidden costs or fees. Everything is right up front. My advice? Give DNS a shot. I have no doubt they will exceed your expectations.
Dr. Robert Reynolds | Owner
The Reynolds Clinic –
“DNS understands all the state-of-the-art equipment and software out there. So, they’re always in a position to make the right recommendation. They always steer us straight.”
Ben Camerota | Owner
MVP Visuals –