Frontier Internet Outages

Frontier can have internet outages, frequently…  So frequently we set aside a page just for it. ISP-based outages can be very frustrating in general though unfortunately for Frontiers user base, far more common than many can tolerate. Many internet service providers base their approach to delivering service around evolved highly sophisticated techniques that have been redeveloped and modernized through extensive investments in research and development. This has enabled them to use infrastructure once designed to facilitate the transfer of kilobits per second of data into infrastructure cable of delivering gigabits of throughput in seconds. Unfortunately Frontier and other DSL providers have not subscribed to a philosophy of reinvestment into the technology allowing for higher speed data transfer, at least not to the same degree as cable companies. Frontier has pushed on their customers antiquated and frustratingly unreliable technology that just barely gets the job done, especially in today’s high-tech landscape of connected things where almost everything relies on having a robust and reliable connection. Oftentimes there are few alternatives to these purveyors of unreliable connectivity. They have monopolized many markets across regions of the United States. Though fortunately there are ways to avoid data traps like Frontier.

Reliability through redundancy – Dynamic Network Solutions is familiar with a myriad of technologies capable of mitigating the undesirable consequences that come along with a Frontier Communications, or other DSL based ISP relationship. While they may be the most cost-effective solution to carry a bulk of your data requirements their unreliability does not need to be your network’s Achilles heel. Through load balancing and failover enabled network appliances freedom from unexpected and unacceptable network outages can be achieved. Dynamic Networks Solutions can help your business realize methods of solving this potentially crippling problem through the placement of redundant internet services provided through cellular or other alternative local hardline ISPs that can pick up part or all of the internet bandwidth load in the event that your primary internet service connection fails. Some studies show that Frontier has more significant difficulties with the internet than phone or television service delivery, we are happy to assist with this. Through a multi-pronged approach to your internet service connectivity, we can deliver to you a robust and worry-free stream of communication to the outside world. Let us connect you with a frustration-free internet connection through better infrastructure. It is important to find good support to assist you with these troubles and at Dynamic Network Solutions, we offer catered and individualized services to transform otherwise tough times into unencumbered and unnoticed.

What our customers are saying.

“Dan and his team performed flawlessly in wiring our RV Park with access points. The WiFi signal is ubiquitous and, just like DNS, it also performs flawlessly.”
Dennis Severino | Sys Admin
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“DNS understands all the state-of-the-art equipment and software out there. So, they’re always in a position to make the right recommendation. They always steer us straight.”
Ben Camerota | Owner
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