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  • Slow performance and freezing
  • Videos and applications are not playing properly
  • Windows OS or system crashes
  • Downloads that take forever
  • Pop-up ads appearing suddenly on your desktop
  • Wi Fi that keeps disconnecting


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The Problem is Bigger
Than You Probably Realize

The problem isn’t just that your computer is crawling along slower than
geriatric snail.The problem isn’t simply that your computer is infested with
more bugs and worms than a junkyard dog. Oh, sure. That’s inconvenient.
But inconvenient is only the beginning of your problems. Because a
computer that isn’t running at optimal levels costs you more than mere

when computer performs worse than geriatric snail
what computer downtimes really cost you

It Costs You…

Valuable Time as your computer chugs through basic functions like
opening documents and loading web pages.

Frustration because you need to rely on your computer, you made an
responsibilites like sending email and paying bills

Money because you didn’t just purchase a computer, you made an
investment – you deserve to have that investment last

Fear and worry that a virus could put your computer (and more) in
seriously jeopardy

Is Your Computer
A Ticking Time Bomb?

If your computer is infected with a malicious virus, it becomes a ticking
time bomb. And it’s not a matter of IF it’s going to go off but rather when.
That’s because when your computer is infected with virus…

  • Your data could be infected or destroyed
  • Your computer could be used to spread virus to the other
    computers, including all of your friends and colleagues you email
  • Your personal details such as passwords, bank information, and even
    your personal identity could be up for grabs
virus alert on screen
when your computer doesn't perform well

Can You Answer “Yes” to Any
of These 3 Questions?

Does Your Computer Run Very Slowly?

If your computer pokes along like cold molasses has been poured all over
Its motherboard the problem may be virus. Slow computer performance
is a tell-tale sign of infection, but it could be due to the existence of
spyware and adware, the need to defragment the hard disks, or insufficient
memory (RAM).

Does Your Computer Often Act Like It Has A Mind Of Its Own?

Does Your Hard Disk or Modem Seem To Be Working Nonstop?

DNS Care Flat Rate

If you’re SICK and TIRED of putting up with poor computer performane day after day.then you’re going to love DNS Care Flat Rate. Imagine your computer humming along as quick and stable as it did when you first bought it.

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And the best part?

Not only will DNS Care Flate Rate make annoying, time-consuming computer problems a thing of your distant past, you won’t be in for any “nasty surprises” when the time comes to settle up the bill. Allow me to explain…


One Flate Rate.
No Surprises.

Quick,Convenient,No Hassle
Computer repair is Just a phone call away.

1800 210-9613
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Great service, fast maintenance, my lappy flies!”



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