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DNS will integrate best-of-breed cloud back-office solutions to manage your mail contacts and calendars as well as interoffice video communications, remote desktop services, and more. All this is made possible through the cloud, connected to large service providers like Microsoft and Google.

In many ways, the cloud is another name for the internet, or more specifically someone else’s computer on the internet, and is the way of the future. Cloud can be complex or simple depending on your business and needs, migrating from legacy systems or software carries with it nuances that are most successfully navigated when working with experts that have experience with such transitions. Having the right individuals behind your company’s help desk can take the load off of you and your team’s shoulders allowing you to better focus on the goals and objectives most critical to growth. 

Decentralize your workforce with cloud network services. 

Cloud computing was created out of the mindset of combining common-sense techniques and testing assumptions about how data should be stored and accessed. It is important to use a combination of intuition and decision-making capabilities to come up with strong solutions, vs. focusing on the solutions that are right in front of you, even though they may not be the best-unified approach.

Another core cloud application DNS can leverage for your business is VOIP. Today’s VOIP is more than simply an internet-connected handset. The modern cloud-based VOIP public branch exchange or interactive voice response, commonly referred to as PBX and IVR, when used in conjunction with back-office suites like those offered by Microsoft and Google enable you to completely untether from the office. The system will even transcribe your voicemails for you so you can read them as a text or email. 

With the cloud, the common IP-based desk phone can exist simultaneously as a web-based phone, with features like voice mail, call history, two-way calling, and more all built into a browser-accessible interface. In addition to being accessible from your choice of web browser, the cloud-based VOIP system has a full-feature mobile app that enables your cellular device to function as your desk phone for when you are on the go.

A discussion with Dynamic Network Solutions can better prepare you to realize all that cloud computing has to offer.

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