What Are the Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses?

Hosted VoIP Services

Right now, businesses are cutting down costs and increasing productivity by using VoIP phone systems. According to Finances Online, VoIP services can save businesses 90% on international calls and 30% on phone bills. What are the benefits of using a hosted VoIP for businesses? Continue reading to find out why so many businesses are utilizing […]

Why is Cloud Computing Ideal for Small Businesses?

Cloud Computing

84% of small business owners think cloud services are important to their operations and overall performance. Why is cloud computing ideal for small businesses? Here’s 8 reasons why your small business should make the switch over to cloud computing. Efficient Software Updates Software updates are a thing of the past when using a cloud system […]

Limiting Loss & Increasing Productivity, Enhancing New England’s Largest Food Distributor

Limiting Loss & Increasing Productivity… Who: New England’s Largest Food Distributor What: WiFi & Surveillance System refresh Why: Fiber Optic was in place, but WiFi could not keep up with the demands of the company’s mobile phones, tablets, and inventory scanners.  How was this resolved? Network Security: Ubiquiti Security Gateway Wired Network Access: Managed 48 […]

Is your surveillance system unshakable?

Unshakable Surveillance Systems   When it comes to security and surveillance reliability is critical. Far too frequently do we encounter systems that only once needed is it discovered that a crucial camera was out or that one of the critical components failed leaving critical footage lost. One of the best ways to help mitigate this […]

Ransomware Up 10X in 2021

But there is a cheap way to guard against it. A year ago, attackers targeted home networks and consumer-grade products, rather than enterprise infrastructure devices. This year they’re targeting both. Top IPS detections show that criminals have returned to targeting corporate networks, content management systems (CMS) and application development platforms. Botnet Activity Spiked in the […]

Ransomware: Now It’s a Financial Service

But there is a cheap way to guard against it. Cyber criminals have returned to targeting corporate networks. Botnet activity jumped from 35% to 51% by mid 2021, led by a surge in the use of TrickBot. TrickBot started as a banking trojan horse, and has since evolved into a multi-stage toolkit supporting a range […]

What is Managed WiFi Services?

Managed WiFi: a new way to view your internet equipment ecosystem. WiFi administration with multiple users can be a challenge to manage. Cyber security monitoring can be a daily migraine. How do you remedy this daily malaise; this…digitized anxiety disorder? You simply combine them. Your internet projection and protection should form an intersection. You can combine […]

What Are Managed IT Services and Why Does a Small Business Need Them?

Small business owners have to try to deal with so many different challenges to ensure that their business is thriving. Whether it is payroll, sales, stock management, the list can seem both endless and impossible to manage. As the world speeds up, and the digital aspect of business becomes ever more critical, a lack of […]

How to Monitor Office Traffic

Is your small business doing everything possible to ensure that you are protected? Do you understand how to track network activity? Do you know how to put systems in place to monitor your wifi network? Although these things may not be directly related to your core business, they are essential and cannot be ignored. This […]

Why Are My Wifi Speeds So Slow

For any small business, particularly those relying on the internet, speed is critical. The last thing anyone wants, is to be paying a member of staff to sit there idly day after day waiting for a page to load, a file to download or a training video to stream. The internet runs it seems on […]