AI For Managed IT

With the relatively recent boom of technological advancements, a common question being asked is if technological systems will soon run the world? Will humans be left with little to no work to do? Artificial Intelligence is clearly the next generation of incredible advancement as it more than ever challenges the human mind with capabilities never seen before, and possibly, a higher, and faster, learning capacity.

The mere thought of AI brings in fascination and fear. A fascination born out of its thought provoking learning, and a fear for human extinction. We already know that AI can affect numerous industries such as transportation, healthcare, and IT. What is yet to be seen, is how big of an impact will AI have on managed services.

Artificial Intelligence will continue progressing and tech companies will continue leveraging with its advancements. It is now our job to offer clients answers and solutions for questions and concerns such as, can robots be hired as our staff? Wouldn’t they eliminate human error of technicians? Will I still have a job in 5 years?

Not So Fast, AI

The last few years have been breakthroughs in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Scientists have been able to feed massive amounts of data into millions of webs of algorithms and hence, created a more advanced machine. AI can in fact learn without reprogramming by understanding what the machine already knows and mixing it with new information. In effect, this is what humans do, This was once a thought that no one thought could be possible, that AI would ever achieve that goal, yet here it is, present in today’s world.

When looked at with a managed services point of view, this information would eliminate human intervention. A system could be set in place and companies would simply press start and leave the work up to the robots. This would even continue to develop with the evolution of artificial intelligence.

Humans Needed

But let’s not forget that the human brain contains more connections within itself than all the stars in the sky. It is because of this that AI depends on a technical team to run it. AI still needs managed IT support to be taught to perform and has to be fed information. So, while Artificial Intelligence can handle a specific number of functions, the need for the human element will also be needed for we have intuition, creativity, and further ability to complete a task.We are able to attain further information and make decisions based on that data at the drop of a hat. We also have sensitivity which often plays an important role is managed services.

There is no question that artificial intelligence can play an important role, but it is also a known fact that for this to work, AI and humans must work as a team.

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