Face Recognition Access Made Possible with Effortless Touch-Free Terminals

Effortless Access Made Possible with Touch-Free Face Recognition Terminals

Face Recognition


Getting through gates and doors and taking attendance at the workplace can be a hassle, but with Face Recognition Terminals from Dynamic Network Solutions, it can now be simple and even fun! These state of the art terminals create a top-notch work environment that features unparalleled security, enhanced efficiency, and advanced technology.




Here are some of the benefits of Dynamic Network Solutions’ Face Recognition Terminals:

Improved Convenience

Users will appreciate the improved convenience every time they use Face Recognition Terminals. The latest deep learning algorithms for face recognition increases recognition accuracy by up to 38%, compared against traditional algorithms. With higher accuracy comes greater efficiency and an improved user experience. In addition, these terminals can reach an amazing recognition speed of 0.2 seconds.

Increased Security

Our terminals are equipped with a visible light lens and an infrared lens. Access is only granted when both lenses detect the same person. This technology increases security levels and helps prevent entry when photos, videos, or other media are used fraudulently. Equipped with dual lenses, the Face Recognition Terminals integrate perform equally well under low or even zero-light environments.

Smartphone App Integration

By downloading the Smart Phone App onto a mobile device, users can check the live feed using a smartphone. With the app, it’s also easy to remotely control the door, check access logs or communicate with guests or personnel in close proximity to the terminal.

Linkage with Other Devices

Dynamic Network Solutions Face Recognition Terminals can link with NVRs, Network Cameras, and Indoor Stations. This allows for recording and storing all-day video on NVRs and clear video recording of the scene when any preset events are triggered. It also makes searching and reviewing events easier. Users can call indoor stations, PC workstations, even smart phones with the video intercom function, allowing the terminals to adapt to many different scenarios.

Dynamic Network Solutions’ Face Recognition Terminals offer a comprehensive solution for access control, and their benefits are numerous. From increased convenience to improved security, these terminals are revolutionizing the way we approach access control. If you’re interested in learning more about how Dynamic Network Solutions can help your organization implement this technology, contact us today.

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