7 Ways Managed Network Services Can Help Grow Your Restaurant

Improve Restaurant operations with an MSP

When you think about growing your restaurant, you might think about your average weekly sales, investing in a bigger space, or innovating your menu to have new, trendy items. You might not think about the backbone of your restaurant, your network services. Your network services are ultimately what can make or break your business. Continue to read to learn six ways managed network service can help grow your restaurant.

Integrate Multiple Locations

Restaurants with multiple locations find it may find the practicality and feasibility of managed network services superior to the in-house deployment of standalone devices devoid of any sort of central control & oversight. Restaurants might consider the use of internal IT to manage connected systems like menu displays, WiFi access, or points of sale though because of the skill sets required to deploy and maintain these advanced network systems restaurants may find such staff to be cost-prohibitive. Having multiple locations can introduce challenges for IT, often necessitating travel from location to location.

Implementing a managed network service provider at your restaurants’ multiple locations can simplify troubleshooting of issues on your network by centralizing critical network components into monitoring and management systems. Instead of focusing on diagnosing IT issues, restaurant operators can better focus on the core of the business and exploit opportunities for growth. Investing in managed network services enables you to spend your time where it’s best suited, growing the business and improving the guest experience.

With a managed service provider, restaurants can optimize their collection and storage of guest data for loyalty reward programs or maintaining engagement with patrons through email campaigns, inventory tracking, digital display management, reliable wireless access, all things digital that a restaurant could utilize to accelerate growth and improve the guest experience.

If you plan to merge or acquire another business, then your restaurant might be well served to consider managed network services so that a smooth transitionary process, superior adherence to SOP, and reliability of the network can be better guaranteed.

Keep Your Data Safe

As a restaurant, you will encounter a lot of customer information like credit cards, addresses, and contact information. Keeping your intellectual property and your customer’s data safe is one of the jobs that having a managed network service provider can help you to better execute.

DNS-managed network services include hardware and software that DNS can leverage for your restaurant, and technology that is designed with specific features that simplify security and regulatory requirements that restaurants have, like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI Compliance). Our systems include essential cyber protections, guarding you against malware, viruses, and spam.

DNS can also maintain redundancies that, among other things, allow you to continue processing transactions in the event of power failures or interruptions to your internet services from your primary ISP.

Increase your Network’s Storage Space

Many large companies start off as small companies, and as they grow, so too do their need to expand digital storage capacity. As you grow your business, you will likely come to realize the importance of growing your technologically in tandem with your physical footprint. An MSP can help you better handle the transition and management of larger data sets by pairing you with the best data storage systems to fit your evolving needs.

DNS can structure your network’s storage systems to better prepare your restaurant for the handling of the larger files and vast data sets that will inevitably accompany your growth. In addition to simplifying file access across all of your connected devices and team members, our data storage systems can keep you protected from accidental file deletions, unintentional file revisions, and even ransomware attacks.

Increase Ticket Speed by Rolling Out Network Solutions

As a growing restaurant, synchronous implementation of network solutions across your organization can help you to maintain procedural and operational continuity across the food service chain.

Piecing together different solutions across multiple locations increases the likelihood of prolonged system outages and system disruptions. Having a managed network service provider allows you to identify opportunities for improvement in your business’s network systems, delivering a unified and predictable service by rolling out standardized solutions in sync.

DNS can also monitor network components at your locations for potential disruptions and maintain replacement equipment on standby thus reducing the potential of prolonged downtimes from critical network component failures while improving the reliability and performance of these systems. Through proactive updates and optimizations based on real-time performance metrics, DNS is able to maintain a trouble-free network experience.

Quickly Resolve Network Problems that Negatively Impact Your Business

As a restaurant owner, it is inevitable to eventually run into network problems that can negatively impact your business. A customer may place a mobile order that is simply not received by equipment that, unbeknownst to staff, is experiencing an intermittent or prolonged network service disruption.

Having managed network services is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to maintaining uninterrupted network performance for your business. Never miss a ticket again when you have managed network services in place. The stress of identifying and diagnosing issues within your network is a thing of the past with most issues being addressed remotely.

As a restaurant owner, you need potential issues to be detected and resolved immediately to minimize any impact on your business’s sales.

Execute Business Transformation Easier

As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping up with the rapidly changing market. Some of these new changes require investing in a myriad of digital hardware and software in a rapidly changing marketplace. Owners may find it difficult to navigate this rapidly evolving field of available solutions. Working with an MSP can help you maximize your investments and achieve superior results for your staff and guests through thoughtful planning and deployment of your technology systems. Restaurants that offer a frictionless experience will achieve improved guest satisfaction, loyalty, and patronage than those that do not.

Optimize Menus and Reduce Waste Through Networked Food and Beverage Tracking

Tracking product demand and sell-through of your food and beverage items can be one of the most critical metrics you monitor in your restaurants day to day operations. Such metrics enable you to reduce waste by ensuring proper portions of food and beverages are served. You will also have rapid insight into the changing preferences of your guests allowing you to make informed decisions about your menu offerings. Networked real-time data collection devices will also streamline the supply chain by allowing you to better track remaining inventories and proactively re-order as needed rather than relying on prior trends that may be less accurate.

To learn more about how DNS can help you optimize your restaurant’s IT operations see our network support services page.

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