Is your surveillance system unshakable?

Unshakable Surveillance Systems


When it comes to security and surveillance reliability is critical.

Far too frequently do we encounter systems that only once needed is it discovered that a crucial camera was out or that one of the critical components failed leaving critical footage lost.

One of the best ways to help mitigate this is to have your systems monitored for such failures so they can be addressed as they happen, another good way is to ensure the very best hardware solutions are selected.

Here at Dynamic Network Solutions we thoroughly test and verify the hardware we select for integrations before recommending it for use to clients, sometimes though we encounter a situation that will test the hardware we select beyond what is possible for us to replicate. One such situation was outfitting the Boulderdash Coaster ride, the longest and fastest roller wooden roller coaster on the east coast, with cameras. It tested our point to multi point antennas, network switches, cameras, & NVR equipment in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

In addition to the harsh elements our 15+ mountain coaster mounted cameras face throughout the seasons, the 60+ MPH trains that run thousands of times each year create some of the most intense forces found in any environment. With the use of specialized network switches that enable cable runs in excess of 820ft. and point to multi point network communication antennas designed for connection up to 10km the 4,725-foot track was integrated into a fully unified video surveillance system.  Since the camera system was integrated, the strong vibrations have yet to disable a single network camera, antenna, switch or NVR facilitating camera communications, remote viewing, and video archiving.


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