Managed I.T

“ Reduce your I.T. headaches within 1 week without a large initial investment „

We had intermittent I.T. headaches slowing us down. As soon as DNS stepped in we were relieved.

3 Plans Designed Just For You

  • Services

  • Remote / Phone Support Response
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Emergency Service Dispatch
  • Yearly Computer Optimizations
  • Technology Purchase Consulting
  • Workstation / Server Maintenance
  • Local / Cloud Based Systems Setup & Training
  • Mobile Device Setup & Training
  • Computer Backups & Restoration
  • Dedicated Administrator
  • * Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
  • Emergency Service Dispatch: Third Party Vendor Liason
  • 1 Hr
  • 6 Hr
  • 24/7

Our Managed I.T. Plans Include:

World Class Remote Support

Whenever you need technical computer support big or small, our team is on call for your needs. We utilize the latest technology in ticketing software to ensure your problem is routed to the correct support staff. For non priority issues we are just an e-mail away. For priority issues you can call 1-800-210-9613 to receive immediate I.T. support. We’ve designed our solution to provide immediate solutions, and professional answers to your technical questions.

Unlimited On Site I.T. Support

Our on site support is focused on fixing anything that goes down on your network as quickly as possible. We focus on pro active maintenance along with a solid backup strategy to ensure the least amount of down time.

Emergency Service Dispatch

When your network or server goes down, your entire company grinds to a halt. In an emergency situation you need a company you can trust. DNS has the experience to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Computer Backups & Restoration

Hard Drive failures and mother nature are the 2 most common reasons for backing up your company’s data. We have proven multi-layered backup plans that protect your business’ data from theft, failure, and even demolition.

Dedicated Administrator

You’l always hear a familiar voice. Your account admin will be your support guru that analyzes your problem and records it into our system. Most issues can be fixed remotely while you are on the call. Some require a quick visit on site to fully implement a solution.

Monthly Reporting

Depending on your company’s needs we can provide the following reports: virus detection, workstation usage, and support ticket breakdown.

  • Our Support In Action

    An example of what our techs experience on a daily basis

  • Client Testimonials

    Hear from end users and leadership about our services

Mobile Device Setup & Training

We assist with setting up your phone / tablet and train you on how to seamlessly work remotely and access your files from anywhere.

Yearly Computer Optimizations / Checkup

In addition to pro-active monitoring, we take a manual look into all computers on your network yearly to ensure everything is running optimally.

Technology Purchase Consulting

Technology is confusing. We’re here as your trusted advisor to provide un-biased recommendations that fit your unique needs.

Local / Cloud Based Systems Setup & Training

The cloud offers everything from back ups to niche trade specific critical business software. We help you choose the right solutions for your business goals.

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